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Der Bringer Version 1.8 User's Guide
Last Updated 24 March 2012


Der Bringer is a chess program designed by Gerritt Reubold, of Germany. Der Bringer is not freeware but you can download and use it for free. Der Bringer works well in Windows 95/98, ME, 2000 and XP.

Der Bringer can beat most intermediate-level players. On a 133-MHz Pentium, with 40-MB hash tables, Der Bringer 1.6 achieved a rating of 2150 in the LCT2 positions test. Der Bringer can be used with the Nalimov Endgame Tablebases. You can download the tablebases from

The User's Guide includes instructions on setting Der Bringer to use the tablebases. Der Bringer has a very clean and easy to use GUI (click the VIEW INTERFACE button to see a full-size screenshot), and offers a great deal of flexibility for creating custom opening books and analyzing games and positions. Best of all, it uses very little room on your hard drive (<2 MB). An opening book is supplied with the program, and a larger opening book also is available through the link. I've created a few custom opening books that you can download from this site.

NOTE: I used to offer to send the manual through an email contact form. Because so many bad guys tried to abuse the form, I've had to discontinue sending it. Maybe you can ask a friend to download the manual and email it to you. It's only 95kB, zipped.


Here's how to install the User's Guide:

  • Download (90 kB) by clicking on the DOWNLOAD MANUAL button.
  • Unzip the file into a new folder in the same folder as Der Bringer. It creates its own folder. The unzipped manual is less than 125k in size and is rich in graphics. It does not use frames or require scripts to be enabled, and will work in any browser. If you don't have Der Bringer yet, just create a new folder and unzip the file there. The manual also provides the link to download Der Bringer.
  • In the folder, find the file called index.htm and open it. That's the start page of the manual. From there you can navigate through the rest of the manual. You can make a shortcut to that page and put it on your Desktop or in your Favorites/Bookmarks folder. That will make it easier to open the manual when you need it.


I made 14 opening books for Bringer when I was learning how to use it. Most of them are QP openings. Use the DOWNLOAD BOOKS link to download the collection (~ 112 kB). Sorry, books are not available via email.


I have another site devoted to email chess; chess in art, advertising and stamps; and collectible chess sets at The July 2001 issue of Chess Life (journal of the USCF) says it is one of the "most interesting" chess Websites. Please visit it if you can.