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Tips For Email Chessplayers

This page is a collection of information I've gleaned from many sources. Where possible I've given credit to the source.

Play By Email FAQ Frequently Asked Questions How to avoid errors How to avoid errors in Correspondence Chess
IECC Guidelines International Email Chess Club (IECC) Guidelines Don't cheat! Using a computer
When you see a good move... When you see a good move, look for a better one Don't be greedy! Qxb2: Do You Send Your Queen Out Pawn Snapping?
Some Good Reasons Should You Join An Email Chess Organization? Preparing For A Rated Match Preparing For Rated Email Matches and Tournaments
Chessplayer's Library A chessplayer's library Advice From Mark Morss Advice from Mark Morss, USCF Senior Master
Martin Klubeck on War Martin Klubeck On War, a system for analyzing positions